Kira Parish is one of the Sixes. She's very open-minded and a lot like Gala, however she's also very generous, selfish and fearless. She's very quiet but also charming and mesmerising. When the Sixes are assigned their powers, Kira is given the gift of command, controlling others' minds. However, due to her personality, she uses this lightly as she doesn't like taking peoples' choices or free will away from them.

Her mother raised her after her father was jailed for attempted manslaughter. Kira thus developed her timid nature. She and her mother were very close and did everything together, enabling Kira to skip over the moody teenage years, but worsened the blow when her mother died of cancer. Sixteen at the time, she was taken in by her uncle who mistreated her. Soon after, she ran away from home, where she was discovered, the third to be found.