The First Reunion is the first book in the series.


Everything is about to change... For better, for worse...

A curse has been placed on the lines of witches, witches burned in Salem. Their daughters are prophesised, blessed - or cursed - to save a protect. Your classic fairytale heroes.

Six girls, all descended from such great powers in magic, are destined to fulfil this foretellment. As the others are finally able to look past Selena's superior nature, Larissa is shocked to find Zinnia -- possibly the last girl that they need to complete their circle. Meanwhile, Galina and Jovana's bond deepens as Kira struggles to gain control of her own mind. All so different, yet without all six, they are powerless. And then a Guardian Angel is sent to watch over them: Blake. But will he let his emotions get in the way of his mission?

As rivalries and friendships are brewed and destroyed, powers strengthened and weakened, and emotions hightened and dulled, death is not the scariest thing to the girls.

But they are the Six.

As, in the darkest corners of the world, their enemies grow stronger, they drain strength from innocent people, good or bad. With plans to conquer all, to get there first, to be the last left standing, they must gather their allies from around the galaxy. And some things are... otherworldly.


The book begins with Sellie recounting her abilities and the car accident she's in which "changed her life, forever."

Gala then picks up the narrative, explaining how she's a "Six" along with three of the other girls who have been discovered: Ana, Kira and Sellie. She then explains how two are still out there, and they're going to find them.