The Second Face is the second book in the series.


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...

Stakes are high as there's a sense of betrayal in the air. How does the enemy know their every move? How do they always get there first? Know what you're thinking? There's a spy in the Sixes' trusted circle. Has someone betrayed them or been placed under a spell? Are they aware of what they're doing? And, most importantly perhaps: Who?

As many questions circulate in the Otherworld, the bonds that only recently formed between the girls are falling away as they accuse each other of the betrayal. Their powers may not survive as they continue to turn on each other.

However, Gala is able to keep her head cool and as she finds a way to discover the real culprit, she must also realise that maybe no one is feeding the information to the enemy after all. And maybe they're all at fault.